Your Questions Answered

Q. How do you know the history of a vehicle?

A. To find the history any car you would preform a HPI check which would normally cost a customer anywhere from £9.99 (single check) to £29.97 (multiple checks) with HPI or £9.99 (single check) to £14.99 (multiple checks) with motorcheck. We give a full vehicle history report away with every car we advertise so it doesn't cost you anything.

Q. Is the car roadworthy?

A. We give every car 12 months MOT & Service. If the car fails the MOT for any reason at all we rectify the issues. We try and make sure all cars have no advisories on the MOT.

Q. What does the warranty really cover?

A. The truth about warranties is the dealer doesn't have to give one. It's up to the dealer to decide if they offer one or not. That being said a customer still has rights via Sales of Good act 2015. We give 3 months as standard and this covers most parts. It does not cover parts that wear out ie Tyres, brakes & pipes. Upgrades are available if you wanted one at a extra cost.

Q. I don't like high pressure salesmen/women

A. That's fine as we don't operate in a high pressure way to sell our cars. When you want to view just get in touch and arrange a time and we simply hand the keys to you and let you take your time to view and get the feel of the car. If you did have any questions we would gladly help in any way possible.

Q. How long after deposit is paid will car be ready to collect?

A. We normally allow up to 7 days to get car ready. Its normally a lot quicker but we allow this incase our garages are busy or need to order parts.

Q. What happens in the Event the vehicle is returned to Nathan Cottam Ltd?

A. In the event a vehicle is returned to Nathan Cottam Ltd we charge a usage an reconditioning charge of £0.45p per mile. We may also charge if there is any futher damage to the interior/exterior that was not there at point of sale.